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This is an amazing video!


 We The People Said No!


 The First 41 Days Of Obama’s Oil Disaster!


Don’t Fall For Another Republican Liberal



The Fed Will Now Control Your Personal Finances!


Obama Rules Like an Abusive Spouse!



Bob Kellar’s "Proud Racist" Comment


Pat Condell "Wake Up America!"



Paul Krugmam admits that Obamas death panels will save a lot of money.


The Next Step For A Free People

A Proactive Nonviolent Mass-Movement



The Rest Of The World Is Counting On The American People To Stop Obama!



Obama Is Running A "Gangster Government"



Robert Kiyosaki ~ Conspiracy Of The Rich

"Obama’s A Socialist & Goldman Sachs Runs Our Economy"


Planned Parenthood Leader Turns Pro-Life


We Must Be Intolerant Of The Intolerant



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Will You Protect Our Constitution From All Enemies Foreign And Domestic? 



In God We Still Trust

Diamond Rio



Obama "Energy Bill Will Necessarily Skyrocket"



 Ronald Reagan "A Time For Choosing"



 Big Brother Hidden In




Obama’s Health Care Policies Resemble Hitler’s



Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Paying Income Tax In America Is "Voluntary"



Children Singing Praises To Obama And Hitler

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John Adams, letter to Abigail Adams, July 17, 1775