California 2012 Voter Guide

by Chris | October 9th, 2012


Prop 30 NO
No new taxes.
Prop 31 YES
Creates better fiscal responsibility
Prop 32 YES
Reduces funding for Unions to politicians & Gives you more control over who your money supports
Prop 33 YES
Government should not be in the insurance business, but since it is this seems to give consumers a little more options (and yes, the big bad insurance companies might benefit too)
Prop 34 NO
Keep the death penalty
Prop 35 YES
Increases penalty for human trafficking and requires human trafficking training to Law Enforcement
Prop 36 NO
Keep the Three Strikes law as it is.  A felony is a felony, if someone has committed 3 of them regardless of whether they are “serious” or “violent” they should be in jail.
Prop 37 NO
The government is not responsible to tell us what to eat
Prop 38 NO
No new taxes!
Prop 39 NO
No new taxes!
Prop 40 +/-
The process for the new districts was questionable, thus the result may or may not be more corrupt than the current districts.

President:  Romney/Ryan
Senator:  Elizabeth Emken
Representative:  Howard Mckeon
State Senator:  Steve Knight
State Assembly:  Scott Wilk
District Attorney:  Alan Jackson



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