Thank a Vet!

by Chris | November 11th, 2011

Are you happy that you can protest your government? – Thank a Vet

Are you grateful that you can worship or not as you want? – Thank a Vet

Are you glad that you speak English instead of German or Japanese? – Thank a Vet

Are you excited to publicly express being gay? – Thank a Vet

Are you empowered because you can vote? – Thank a Vet

Are you thankful that you can sit in front of a government building for weeks demanding to be given benefits paid for by the very people you complain about, while other men and women are sitting thousands of miles away from their homes risking their lives in some stinking desert? – Thank a Vet!

3 Responses to “Thank a Vet!”

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  2. I bookmarked this post! Thanks : )

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