What is the Tea Party? ~ Not Libertarian!

by Chris | October 4th, 2011

Just like there are many Republicans involved in the Tea Party there is also many Libertarians in the Tea Party.  To both groups I state the following: If your political party comes before conservative principles you are not a member of the Tea Party.

When it comes to our Libertarian friends two issues jump out at me right away; Morals matter and Religion matters.

While we share many concerns with Libertarians, especially when it comes to the economy, what distinguishes Tea Party members is that it is not ONLY about the economy.  Our Founding Fathers were clear, in order for this nation to survive it must by lead my moral people held accountable by moral people.

Character matters.  Social issues such as abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research are important.  What is taught to our children in schools about tolerance, sex and history are important.  And maintaining a strong military is essential.

We cannot be scared away from acknowledging the fact that America is a great, prosperous, tolerant, generous, law-abiding nation because she was founded on Biblical principles.  To the degree that we stray from that will erode our national character and benefits.

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  1. btw, Chris I noticed you blocked out my links on the last post…are you afraid of an open forum? I see you have recommended readings on the right side of this page…I like Thomas Sowell..he’s a good guy. You know, the sites that I posted links for are by a guy who Glenn Beck has virtually copied. Anyway, I figure this is what blogs are for but, I suppose you’re the moderator and you have to guard your sheep.

  2. Charlie thanks for your thoughtful comment.

    I’m not disagreeing with what you’re saying. My primary point in this series of articles is to point out the fact that The Tea Party is distinct from the mentioned entities and systems. I’m making this point to shed a little light to those who say things like, “The Tea Party is just a conservative branch of the GOP” or “The Tea Party is just like the Libertarians.”

    I’m not disparaging these various groups (political parties, Christians, NRA, etc) I’m just saying that the Tea Party cannot be defined as one of those things.

    As to your philosophical point of not being able to legislate morality … That is an old and silly statement. As you have pointed out, that is exactly what our laws do. All laws legislate someone’s morality.

    • Chris, that is exactly what I mean…laws legislate “someone’s” morality but, aside from the basically understood laws of society like thou shall not kill, etc. morality is different for different people. What offends one person doesn’t necessarily offend another. When the speed limit was 55 in California, most people got tickets for doing 70 or above. Now, the limit is 65 but, most cops don’t pull you over until you’re doing above 80. Are you trying to say that before 1996 you were immoral if you drove 60mph but, after 1996 you somehow became a moral person because the law changed? Should we refund everyone who got a ticket prior to that? So, in reality, we see that a “law” that enforces speed limits cannot be enforced across the board evenly because most people speed anyway and there are only so many cops out there to pull people over, and at that its still at the officer’s discretion, and taken even further, if the law says the limit is 65 than everyone who goes 66 or above should get a ticket. But, that is not reality. Just like telling gay people they can’t get married. Or saying that we’re gonna pass a law outlawing bullying. Or telling people they cannot drink past a certain point. Or telling people they cannot buy, sell, or smoke marijuana unless they have the approval of a physician and the state…and then the Feds change their mind and start busting dispensaries and violating States Rights. You know, the only reason the FEDS like to override States’ Rights is to keep the power in a centralized agency…which is socialism.

      There are plenty of Libertarians who live uprightly, and are moral! Some believe in religion, others don’t. The main point that they share is the Constitution because the laws of this land are not dictated by anything but that great piece of document. If, as you say, the Founding Fathers were moral people and they generated this document, then it stands to say that they did so in a moral manner and so, even if someone is considered not to be “moral” by someone’s standards, they at least still have to conform to a minimal level of expectation of moral conduct, as written in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Everything else is just someone else’s opinion or power grab, to make a law or tax someone for something so they can get money from others and hand it to a crony or to restrict the rights of Americans.

      By the way, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but, the recognized Father of the Tea Party (before it got co-opted by neocons) is Ron Paul…a Libertarian!

  3. Hello! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading through your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects? Thanks for your time!

    • Go on youtube and do a search for “Fall of the Republic”…its a great movie that explains things in detail.

      • As a general rule we automatically delete posts with links in them. It’s not to control content, it’s for seo and spam reasons. I did want your comments though, so we just removed the links and posted your comments.

  4. Firstly, you’re assuming that many Libertarians don’t have the same concerns regarding morality and/or religion.

    What you’re lacking is the proper vision. There are two visions, the constrained and unconstrained.

    In a free society, it is not the govt’s job to dictate morality to the people, aside from the basic things that ALL people understand, like thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal, etc. Why does marriage have to be regulated by the govt? It has nothing to do with govt. If two people want to marry, and marriage is an institution of God, then let them go to a church that will marry them.

    Bottom line, you CANNOT legislate morality and if you do you’re engaging in a futile battle as evidenced by Prop 8 being overturned in the courts. You mentioned abortion, euthanasia, and stem cell research. Do you think this stuff does not go on anyway? People who want an abortion will get it done. I don’t condone it but, its reality. Same with smoking marijuana…making it illegal doesn’t stop people. Euthanasia is a personal choice…why should the govt be involved? Stem cell research is a complicated subject.

    Like I said, you can’t legislate morality. Is bullying fair? No. Does it go on everyday? Yes. How do you stop it? Do you write a law outlawing the practice? Are you going to arrest everyone who bullys?

    Legislation doesn’t work and its not fair because when you restrict the rights of one group you’re automatically favoring another. Libertarians believe in fairness and freedom. Freedom cannot exist without economic freedom or religious freedom. While our Founding Fathers were guided by Biblical principles, most of them were not truly Christians. Many were Free Masons. Point being, freedom of religion is not intended only for those who believe in things one way. Its free to believe what you want, so long as you’re not harming someone else.

    Secondly, is it moral to be in all these countries fighting unjustified wars? Over a million Iraqi’s have died as a result and thousands of Americans…for what? Oil, lithium, and heroin. So-called conservatives have destroyed this country by continuing to keep us committed in conflicts while they run up the debt and print money we don’t have. They erode our liberties by endorsing Constitution violating illegal legislation like the Patriot Act. Is this liberty? Is the TSA liberty? Did the American people vote on this stuff? No, they did not. These representatives are bought and paid for. The Tea Party needs to stay true to the Constitution and not allow the distortions of neocons to infiltrate their thought processes. People like Palin and Bachmann masquerade as leaders of the movement but, they hardly understand the real issues that are destroying our economy.

    I’ve not heard one Republican other than Ron Paul and perhaps Gary Johnson talk about auditing the Federal Reserve or bringing the troops home. Sure, they talk about Obamacare and then they go and endorse Mitt Romney, the architect of Obamacare.

    So, I say to you, Chris, you must be careful on the positions you take. I used to be like you but, then I eventually dragged things out to their logical conclusion and realized that its not my job to impose my religious beliefs on others. The Constitution is clear on that and to fight the battle is simply an exercise in futility.

  5. Great tips! Its always good to get basics right!!

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