Islam is anti-women

by Chris | February 17th, 2011

*** WARNING ***

This video is rated X for violence

If you are under 18 do not view it!

This video was banned by YouTube after it had received over 7,500 views on its first day. The director was hired by the Horowitz Freedom Center.  The link to the actual site where it is now posted is:


4 Responses to “Islam is anti-women”

  1. After reading this particular I thought it was very educational. We value a person taking the time to put this blog patch together. I remember when i once again discover myself spending method to much time both reading through as well as commenting. No matter what, it was nevertheless worthwhile

  2. *Seriously, I really enjoyed reading this message.

  3. What a great blog and revealing post.

  4. i like it Tea Party Roundtable » Blog Archive » Islam is anti-women now im your rss reader

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