The Tea Party, Like America Is An Idea

by Chris | February 10th, 2011

In fact the Tea Party is America.  We are comprised of all races, belief systems, and political parties.  We are united around the passion to force our elected officials to govern within their Constitutional boundaries, to be fiscally responsible and to be responsive to We The People … their Boss.

Through negligence or naïveté we have allowed our elected officials to usurp authority they do not have, power they do not wield and responsibilities they do not own.  Their selfish abuse of power has morphed into a political system that is contrary to our Constitution.

We will not allow that … We are silent no longer.

Our elected officials have proven themselves to be untrustworthy and irresponsible and we will no require of them both trustworthiness and responsibility.

This is what the Tea Party is … We The People rightly defending our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic!

38 Responses to “The Tea Party, Like America Is An Idea”

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  6. Thanks to the Glen Beck wannabees this stuff is occasionally taken at face value.

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  8. Where was the person responsible for roundin’ those voters up~?

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  28. Ragin' Ronald says:

    I’m a Liberal, can I join the Tea Party?

    I want to save the country from all enemies foreign and domestic, and I will be silent NO LONGER!

    Where should I begin?

    Wall Street crooks who destroyed our economy? The criminally-negligent BP? The health insurance corporations who raise our premiums every year?

    Please let me know. I will not stand silent while our country is destroyed! Thanks!

    • You don’t sound like a “Liberal” to me … You sound like the typical Tea Party member!

      Check your local area for tea party or other conservative groups (ie. 912, like a mom, etc). If you need help finding one let me know where you live and I’ll point you in the right direction.

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