Arizona Shooting

by Chris | January 8th, 2011

As of the writing of this post, Jared Loughner, a disturbed 22 year old shot 14 people, six of them have died including a sweet little 9 year old girl and a seasoned Federal Judge.

Events like this leave victims and their families in shambles and thoughtful people wondering why and how this type of thing happens.  We grieve with the victims.  We demand resolution.  But we must not let our sympathy allow our liberties to be the final victim.

Jared Loughner’s web presence has been taken down for investigative purposes however we have gotten a glimpse into this deranged mans worldview.

Social Leanings? Friends describe him as a "pot smoking loader" (Liberal)

His Political Leanings?  One of his favorite books is Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, therefore his political leanings are National Socialist (Liberal)

His Religious Leanings?  Atheist, when trying to join the Army he complained when given a Bible.  In regards to our currency he said, "In God I do not trust." (again, Liberal)

One of his female friends who went with him to a similar event in 2007 described Loughner as "far left." (Liberal)

At first glance this shooter is in no way aligned with conservatives or tea party ideology as many in the national "news" outlets are suggesting, rather he is a liberal atheist.

What will the liberals say?  How will they respond?  My simple prediction … Gun Control and Restricting Free Speech.

On second thought, perhaps that’s not a bad idea … We should make it illegal for all liberal atheists to own guns.

55 Responses to “Arizona Shooting”

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  7. Cool! This makes things clearer! I will sure will check this whole blog out again, thanks again, OP!

  8. You have come too far to renege to the demands of the democratic fringe!

  9. I’d have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  10. will bron says:

    hahaha…I guess you one-sided nuts chose no to print my
    comments on your imbalanced “views” so much for the
    Free America, heh??

  11. will brons says:

    I guess you Tea Party people didn’t get much past high-
    school education. Liberalism is completely different than Socialism. It was liberal policy that brought rights to women and black people in your country. In addition,
    Hitler was a Fascist who wanted rights for nobody, and
    demolished unions and personal rights and freedoms after
    he was “elected”. Your “Conservative” views are more in line with Fascism and McCarthyism, robbing people of their
    rights. What amazes me is the stupidity of the American people. Hitler also deluded his own people with rhetoric and meaningless slogans. The Nazis were self-serving and interested only in power. Sound familiar?? The controlling Republicans are mostly very
    wealthy and want to retain power, and have actually convinced you people that they are interested in you!!!
    Unfortunately, the Americans who believe their rhetoric
    are the gun-toting, dumb, poor rednecks that are the mainstay of your party!! But what’s really sad that as a nation, you’re not going forward, and you have no plan. Bush, the worst president in history, threw your
    economy down the toilet while he and his fat cat friends made millions. If you people could only actually
    work together, instead of AGAINST each other, you might achieve something as a nation, and the whole
    world wouldn’t be laughing at you, as they are!!!
    It’s the GUNS, stupid !! That’s what’s killing you, you’re
    a nation of violent gun crazies, protecting your “rights”.
    No guns, no murders. Ever think about that one??
    Alas, it’s too late for you. America could have been
    something great at one time, but you’ve passed that.
    You’re still fighting the Civil War. I feel sorry for you.
    R.I.P, America

  12. As far as me being a member here, I am glad though that I am a member. When the article was published I received a username and password, so that I could participate in the discussion of the post, That would explain me stumbuling upon this post. But we’re certainly all intellectuals.

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  18. This blogger states that “His Political Leanings? One of his favorite books is Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, therefore his political leanings are National Socialist (Liberal)”

    Not sure what type of education you recieved, but to call the Nazi party “liberal” is ridiculous. The Nazi party was at the extreme right of the political spectrum. Fascism is an extreme right-wing ideology.

    Just wanted to set the record straight. You may want to edit your blog for this correction, though I won’t hold my breath.

    • Matt this is a situation where the labels we apply are not helpful. From a conservative perspective any system that hinders individual liberties is left/liberal. Therefore any system you describe as “extreme right-winged” is by definition (in conservative “talk”) “liberal” or “left” I guess you can say something can be so far extreme right that it becomes left. But again, much of the confusion is due to the labels we put on systems to try to identify them.

  19. Atheism a marvel of the world. Opposing god, is a good way to live.

  20. I have remarked numerous right wing fascist-slash-NRA gun nut comments show them to be more all about maintaining their worldview than what occured and who was murdered and if it might transpire again. Odd… but not so surprising. Any person who is so determined to use their life’s work in leveling insults might have an aversion of being insulted themselves. Despair is a tremendous instigator, and is designed to to rouse population elsewhere from thinking about solutions. It is harder to shepherd the populace to balanced decisions. Tea party psychology focuses on that which it does not prefer rather than what it does, unless it is done during the act of mocking others.

  21. What happened in Arizona was terrible. I hope the best for Gabrielle Giffords and her family. Thankfully she is getting better everyday.

  22. im all about peace…like pieces of that nut jobs skull smashed into the ground

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  25. Paul Burns says:

    I come from Australia. Now I don’t know how much, if anything you know about Aussie politics, but I come from a country, that up until we were poisoned by neo-liberal conservatism happily co-existed with successive socialist anti-communist parties and conservative parties that were anti-communist agrarian socialists + conservative parties that happily adopted and tweeaked socialist policies, and this was the case until 1983 when both the Labor Party and the Liberal National parties moved to the centre to far right and betrayed their ideals for Thatcherite and Reaganite economic fantasies that ultimately plunged the world into the Global Financial Crisis. we did not expereince the GFC because we had a government willing to temporarily revert to ‘socialist” Keynesian economic policy.
    You Americans have no idea what socialism is. You’ve never experienced it, you’ve never lived under it. Let me assure you democratic socialism has not the slightest resemblance to communism.
    Obama is not a socialist. He might believe in government intervention, but that is NOT socialism.

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  28. Ak. The constitution was taken from the christian bible. There is no reason to mention god even if because you are in a miraculus position to ask for it. The creator is god. Period. Don’t use this politically correct b.s. and say creator can be used to imply whomever you chose one day then someone else the next. Libs like you have no foundational wall so to speak to turn to. The laws for this country come from the bible. No matter how much u want to insult by saying its narrow minded and simplistic it doesn’t matter. Its made to be simple. Libs convolute the constitution and think they can outsmart it. God the word god is universal by the way. God nation freedom and family. Live it learn it love it or get out

  29. President Barack Obama has already called on People in the usa to get together and support one another after a member of Congress or over to seventeen people had been shot outside an Az shopping mall Saturday. The us president named the attack “an unspeakable act” . And where can i get the blog rss feed?

  30. Paul Norman says:

    Tea Party is now done. Goodbye and good riddance.

  31. Sarah Palin just posted a statement to her Facebook page on the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona today.

  32. One belief that crosses all party lines…”Thou shalt do no murder” This guy is a murderer. He gets no credit for anything else from me. He has taken away so much from so many. Regardless of what he says, what be believes or what he says, he is a murderer. He made the plan, he pointed the gun and he pulled the trigger. He is solely responsible.

  33. You do realize that the Nationlist Socialist German Workers Party was a fasict party (far right) correct? You do read history, I assume. Adolf Hitler can hardly be described as liberal. After taking power he purged his party (murdered) of any members foolish enough to take the “Socialist” in the title seriously. He then aligned himself with Benito Mussilni’s Fascist Italy. And Mussilini stated “Facism is the merger of State and coporate power, each working for the benefit of the other”. Hardly left-wing don’t you think? I do however agree that his reading list would suggest that he isn’t a Tea party member. He certainly was disturbed. I don’t think the Left or Right can be blamed for this tragedy. It was a sick mind, not a political one.

    • And obama is socialist. He has already proven that. Communism is next if we true american conservatives don’t stop it. I for one do not want to be in an internment camp in my country under a socialist dictactor such as obama

    • Wrong. Its the lefts fault and their political correctness. This is what happens when white males can’t speak their mind because everybody else doesn’t want to listen. He is atheist which is liberal. He is no conservative. Of course if the amount of political correctness didn’t exist as it does today then he would have no problem believing in god as a christian or catholic. This is the leftest radicals fault for making him feel guilty for who he is. If he was black he would be a victim

  34. Well, since he refers to the Communist Manifesto as his other favorite document I guess that makes him an ultra far right winger right ak???? So far right you gotta look left to see him coming.

    • That is such a falsehood! You’re party supports nothing but VIOLENCE with your signs and your marches with your guns.
      How completely delusional can you be?

      Be honest at least with yourself! You, Palin and the Tea Party all have blood on your hands today!

    • Last I saw it wasn’t the Left hating on gays, illegals, Atheists, Democrats and anyone that challenges the teabaggers jacked up philosophy.

      That’s your job…so very Christian of you!

      • Ak do u remember when obama kicked the mexicans out? They were illegal right? Isn’t obama liberal?

  35. Who wrote this article? National Socialism (Fascism) is an ultra-right wing political ideology – not liberal. No wonder you tea-baggers are out of step with reality. As for gun control, let’s see – Arizona allows open carry and maximum capacity clips. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that this scenario was just waiting to unfold.

    • Lets see … Socialism is the political philosophy that liberals support.

      And, the states with the most restrictive gun laws have the highest murder rates.

    • Nationalism is seperate from socialism and fascism is seperate from either. Did u pay attention in history class? Socialism is close to communism. Communism is worse than socialism. Obama is a communist. He has already proven that. This suspect is an atheist which is liberal for todays american standards. This kid is on the liberal side of your party. Blame the liberal political correctness for this mess. Not conservatives. This is what happens when politically correct idiots don’t want to listen to white males. They become confused and guilty and end up not being who they are supposed to be. Hense, atheist. Atheists are violent. Much like hitler

    • William. Whoever taught u history taught u the wrong way. You talk about socialsm and or fascism as if it is a different form of socialism when u compare hitler, musolinni, etc. It is the same form no matter how you look at it. Obama is communist. He has studied communsim. He has already proven his socialist agenda with healthcare etc.. it is the same mentality socialists had back then. History today is taught the wrong way because of political correctness

  36. Mein Kampf is a book of someone that believed he was doing “the Lords work,” much like a teabagger. There is a common dialogue with the auther of Mein Kampf and the Teabaggers stance on immigrants and democrats.

    Stop kidding yourself!

    • The kid was an atheist. In other words he was liberal. Makes sense because he was a white liberal male who was confused on what side he naturally should be on because of political correctness. This is what happens when normal idiots don’t listen to smarter white males on how this country works. Leftest liberal political correctness is at fault. He was not conservative and did not believe in god. Athesists are violent anyway. It was a matter of time before someone from the liberal side started this and not the conservative. I am waiting for more violence as we take our country back with congress after the libs thought they had control.

  37. He believed in the Gold Standard and discussed revolution…sounds just like a teabagger to me!
    Are you stupid enough to imply that ALL teabaggers believe
    in God?

    • Yes, by nature in order to be conservative you must believe in God. Our founding fathers acknowledged that our rights as individuals were given to us by God. Therefore it does in fact require that you believe in God.

      • LOL!! That is the most uneducated, narrow minded, simplistic view on any political topic I’ve ever encountered!

        The only people that think the Founding Fathers were religious nuts ARE religious nuts. The rest of us have actually studied enough about them to know the truth.

        • Really? So in the whole “We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights” thing the reference to “our Creator” must be referring to our congress … right?

          By the way, you’re welcome … I’m glad to provide a forum for you to spout your ignorant and hostile opposing views. There is no liberal blog that would allow a conservative this type of interaction.

          • “Creator” not God and certainly not Jesus. See the beauty of our constitution is that it allows for the practice of AND the freedom from religion. Creator is a univeral term term to be interpreted by each individual to fit into their belief system.

            There isn’t a single mention of Jesus, the holy spirit, the father…nothing.

            I know you like to argue your point, and I’m all for it, but you have no facts…just revisionist history.

            • Nice try … how about the reference to “nature and natures God” I didn’t say that our all our Founding Fathers were Christians … but they did believe in God, and those that did not, understood that it was important enough to be in our founding documents.

              Also, it’s not freedom “from” religion … quite the opposite, it is freedom “of” religion!

              Nice revisionist history yourself!

        • And what would that truth be AK????

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