Pearl Harbor

by Chris | December 7th, 2010

Marv is about 89.  You can always find him in the front row of my church.  Every conversation with him is filled with humorous stories and lessons learned of days gone by.  He’s always got a life lesson to tell you, usually about God’s amazing grace and mercy.

Donald is my father-in-law, he just turned 90.  Most of his days revolve around watching the Dodgers and Fox News.  He’s more reserved.  I’ve never heard him talk about it, but what Don and Marv have in common is that they both have Pearl Harbor experience.  Marv was in Pearl Harbor when it was attacked, while Don’s unit was sent there shortly after the attack.  They are part of only between 2,000 to 4,000 still alive from that time.

Both of these men have lived full lives.  Both of these men have lived honorable lives!

This can hardly be said of most folks today.  Our nations “leaders” are pathetic excuses of men, our culture honors disgraceful men.  The closest thing to these honorable men of yesteryear are the brave and selfless young men and women of today who are still willing to live for honor.

To the honorable men of yesteryear and to those few of today … I salute you this Pearl Harbor Day!

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  9. Julian Assange arrested on Pearl Harbor Day. Yes – wrestle with that one, America. A lot of things to be contemplated on December 7, 2010.

  10. remembering Pearl Harbor Day, I thank each one that played a part in this, and hope everyone did remember.

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  14. God bless America on this great day! Remember our history and love our lost ones.

  15. On Tuesday December 7, 2010 it will be 69 years since the attack on Pearl Harbor, a day we will never forget.

  16. A special tweet of emotional remembrance of the courageous men and women that lost their lives at the bombing of Pearl Harbor PearlHarbor

  17. I’m impressed with this article. You open my eyes. Thank you

  18. Remember Pearl Harbor today. Remember the sacrifice & the loss. But also remember the courage & the resolve & the way America fought back.

  19. Such a beautiful place where such awful things happened on the Anniversary of this tragedy I salute all the men and woman that gave their lives to help out country.

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  21. (US) Celebrated Today : Pearl Harbor Day, remembering those we lost. Flags are flown at half-mast.

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