by Chris | November 3rd, 2010

Leading up to the midterm elections many people asked me what I thought would happen.  Now that we’ve seen tremendous victories both locally and nationally in the elections folks might be thinking that we’ll see immediate and significant changes …

I think not.

My advice a year ago, a few weeks ago and today is to prepare for a long hard battle.

This battle will be measured in terms of decades not years and the enemies will at times will be wolfs in sheep’s clothing.

We need to realize that our liberties were not yanked out from under our feet.  Rather, they slowly eroded over the past seven decades.

If you told my parents in 1960 that

  • by 2010 students would not be allowed to pray publicly at their graduations
  • smoking pot would be legal (for “medical” purposes)
  • our President would be bowing to foreign dictators and apologizing for “American arrogance”

If you told my grandparents in 1935 that

  • FDR’s New Deal would cause them to have to choose between buying medicine or food in their golden years
  • their children to have to lower their standard of living in their retirement
  • their grandchildren to realize that we will be paying for Social Security benefits that they will never see
  • would leave their great-grandchildren with a debt burden that they could never conceivably pay off

There is no way they would have allowed it.


The New Deal has turned into the Raw Deal and the American Dream has become a nightmare.


Nevertheless this is where we find ourselves, and it will probably take us another five to seven decades of intentional and strategic planning to climb out of this mess.

Yes, last night we enjoyed some victories, and some let downs (we still have Boxer and Reid).  But we must be mindful that we have only begun the great battle of liberty.

I pray that seventy years from now our grandchildren and great-grandchildren are thanking God that we had the wisdom and courage to make the hard choices necessary to ensure their freedom.

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