Obama’s New Approach

by Chris | August 1st, 2010

Obama, Our historic President entered the office with great fan-faire.

He immediately jumped on “his” plane and began circling the globe to tell every dictator and socialist country that America is sorry for our sins of the past, but now we’re a new nation … One among many … a fellow sojourner in this Global Family.  When he was done with his humbling of America, Obama then began his war agenda.  It started with closing down Guantanamo and ending the unlawful war in Iraq … oops, that didn’t go so well.

Obama then turns to his domestic agenda.  Right out the gate he begins (again with great fan-faire) his Health Care Reform.  The Obama cheers once again quickly turn into jeers and his attempt to socialize our medical infrastructure is met with overwhelming opposition from We The People.  Turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the will of the people the Obama Administration literally force the bill through in the dead of the night using tactics that would make Al Capone proud.

The Obama Administration realizing that they have been a complete failure thus far in their reign decides to change tactics.  Obama now knows that We The People will not allow him to force his socialist policies on America in the light of day and with trumpets blaring, thus he decides to take his agenda off Main Street and moves it to the back alleys.

Using this new tactic Obama finds success!  His administration was able to force through the Financial Reform Bill with much less opposition.  Almost without notice Obama was able to seize control of just about every financial transaction that you and I will make.

Enjoying the success of this clandestine approach Obama is not attacking Free Speech.

The Federal Government now has control of your body and health care – Restricting Your God-given Right To Life

The Federal Government now has control of your personal finances – Restricting Your God-given Right To The Pursuit Of Happiness.

Now the Federal Government will control what you believe and how you are allowed to express your beliefs – Restricting Your God-given Right To Liberty

The Obama Administration has complete disdain for the rule of law, evidenced by Kagan (who doesn’t believe in the Declaration of Independence) and the Administrations unprecedented fight against the good citizens of Arizona … They Must Be Stopped … I pray it’s not already too late!

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