Ally or Enemy?

by Chris | July 22nd, 2010

Allies and enemies are sometimes separated by a very fine line.

I often find myself agreeing with individuals who you would think are my polar opposite.  During those times if emotions could be put aside I discover that my opponent and I are not too far apart from what we’d like to ultimately see … but differ greatly on how to get there.

On the other hand I often find myself at odds with people with whom you would assume would be likeminded.  It is these folks who can be the most insidious … most undermining.

When determining your allies and identifying your enemies here are 3 simple questions to consider:

  • Do we want the same thing?

If you don’t have the same goals and objectives, you clearly are not allies.

  • Do we agree on how to get there?

There are many approaches to any goal or objective.  This is not what I’m referring to.  The issue is not which approach but rather, how (under what principles and values) will you get there?

  • Do we have mutual trust?

“Trust but Verify” = Good / Blind Trust = Dumb / No Trust = Enemy

If the answer to ALL of these questions is “Yes” you have an ally.

If the answer to only one question is “No” you have an enemy.

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