Liberal Policies Are Racist

by Chris | July 19th, 2010

I suppose the left will never loose their death grip on the lie of racism.

Yes, the lie … not weather it exists, but rather who are truly the racists in this country.

  • We just laid to rest the longest serving US Senator in history (oh, and by the way also a proud leader of his local KKK … and yes, a Democrat)
  • We have liberal policies that serve to enslave minorities to the Democratic Party.
  • We have the never acknowledged or spoken about Chinese Exclusion Act that stretched from the late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s making it illegal for Chinese to marry outside of their race, forbidding Chinese from engaging in specific types of industry in the US, and restricting Chinese immigration to I think about 105 Chinese immigrants each year.  Who wrote these laws the Democrats aided by the unions.
  • Currently we have the Obama administration refusing to charge the New Black Panther’s for what is clearly criminal behavior at the polling place.

This is just a short list of Liberal Violations and Racism that quickly came to the top of my mind … there are literally hundreds more!

I am sick of hearing the media repeat the Liberal Lies about Racism!

Liberal Policies Are Racist!

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