Financial Reform Hoax

by Chris | July 13th, 2010

The Obama administration Financial Reform Bill Hoax is expected to be voted on as soon as Thursday!

Just a few months ago the great state of Massachusetts was the seat of conservative excitement as a Republican Scott Brown took the “Kennedy seat.”  Cheers of hope from those of us desperately seeking candidates who will begin to return America back to a land of freedom and opportunity for all … Confusion and dismay from liberals who just saw the end of the 47 year Democrat reign in that state.

However just like the groaning from California with its “Republican” Governor Schwarzenegger who will be followed by another liberal in the form of either Jerry Brown or Meg Whitman, the good citizens of Massachusetts … no, the good citizens of the entire country have been let down.

We have been let down by Republicans who will now allow the Federal Government to grab control of almost our entire economy, to regulate just about every financial transaction that you and I make, and to do that all while ensuring that those who actually caused our current financial disaster are not only free, but empowered to continue in their unethical and clandestine schemes.

The three Republicans are Susan Collins (R-Maine), Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts).  However it’s not just these three traitors who are allowing our government unprecedented and un-Constitutional control of We The People … no, it’s also all the Democrats who are blindly following their demented leaders.

The Obama administration controls our right to “Life” with the Health Care Reform Bill … They are now taking control of our right of the “Pursuit of Happiness” with this Financial Reform Bill … Next is our “Liberty” … But then again, this from the man who is pushing through a candidate for the Supreme Court who doesn’t believe in the Declaration of Independence, so we shouldn’t be surprised!


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