Is It About Jobs & The Ecomony or about Tyranny?

by Chris | April 5th, 2010

Today I saw another Republican strategist make the same ignorant assertion … "The people are upset about the economy.  The two issues of the mid-term election are jobs and the economy."

To all the politicians reading this message … It would be nice to have a regular paycheck, medical benefits and a thriving economy, But It Is Essential To Have Freedom!

We are not mad because our economy is in shambles, or because we have inequitable health care, or because we’re still looking for jobs, or because we had to shut down our small business, or because other nations don’t like us, or because of any other political answer.

We are mad because we voted you into office, pay you a generous salary, provide you with exceptional benefits, and take care of all your transportation needs, and you refuse to listen to our voice … You refuse to represent our will …You refuse to protect and defend our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Warning:  If you continue to play your political games in November you will join us in looking for a new job in this economy.

We are not concerned about the survival of your political party, but we will fight for the survival of our Liberty!

I suggest you get rid of your strategists and pollsters and familiarize yourself with the concerns of your constituents.

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