Bob Kellar’s “Proud Racist” Comment

by Chris | January 28th, 2010


Below is my original post of Council member Bob Kellar’s "proud racist" comment.  We have received many comments from all points of view on this incident.  All the liberal comments tend to be the same.  Thus for all you liberals reading this, and for you patriots who are wondering how I respond to them, here is my latest response:


"Bob" (the name of our last liberal guest) … I’m always astounded at the ignorance of liberals. (By the way, I did have to edit your comment because of your inability to disagree without cursing, which is typical for those on the left) … But I will, once again attempt to reason with the irrational …

Bob Kellar’s comment about being a “proud racist” was illustrating the absurd tactic from the left of simply calling people names instead of debating the facts. Others have called him a racist for standing for the same standards of most Americans and ALL Presidents have agreed on such as English remaining as our national language and supporting legal immigration, but condemning “illegal” immigration (there is a difference).

Thus he was in no way supporting racism, nor was he coming out of the racist closet. Bob was simply using a linguistic technique to illustrate absurdity with absurdity. You and others in your camp are either profoundly ignorant or intentionally disingenuous.

Either way you do not provide anything constructive to the argument and are participating in the destruction of our nation.




(Here is my original comment)

 Bob Kellar has the guts to cut through the liberals feigned offense over racism.

“I’m a proud racist” … The statement from City of Santa Clarita Council Member Bob Kellar was taken out of context by disingenuous local and national news media creating a feeding frenzy for irrational and hypocritical liberals around the country.

And Kellar is right!  It is time to shine the light of truth on the “race card.”  The truth is that the media, liberals, and democrats are … (choose your adjective, disingenuous / hypocritical / irrational / etc) … they all fit.

Just within the past few days liberals have uttered self-revealing racist comments that were not simply ignored by liberals and the media, but were actually defended and extolled.  “he (Obama) has no negro dialect” and “for an hour I forgot he was black” are just two of the most recent comments made by high-powered figures in the democratic party and liberal news media respectively.

Clearly if a conservative or republican made such ridiculous and clearly racist comments they would now be counted in the numbers of the unemployed.

It is now time for conservatives to follow Kellars lead and not be afraid of the left’s favorite trick.  Call us what you want, the truth is liberal policies are racist.


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