American Seniors Association…Conservative Alternative to AARP

by Chris | November 23rd, 2009

American Seniors Association
The Conservative Alternative to AARP

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It is more important than ever that Tea Party Patriots unite to continue raising our collective voices against the recent passage of the Democratic health care "reform" bill in the House.  That bill was supported by the ultra-left AARP.  And now, AARP will continue to push passage of the same policies in the Senate.  AARP, while purporting to represent seniors in this country is actually selling them out by supporting Democratic efforts to take control of our health care system, damaging seniors the most in the process.

We are proud to introduce you to  a conservative alternative to AARP.
The American Seniors Association is working diligently to provide America’s seniors and citizens of all ages a viable alternative to  the liberal policies of AARP.  If you’re tired of your money going to an association that doesn’t represent your beliefs, we encourage you to check out the American Seniors Association. 

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