White House Race Card ~ Despicable Diversion

by Chris | October 19th, 2009

The White House is using the “race card” as a diversionary tactic from the Titanic Acorn and Czar disasters.

Any good magician knows that in order to successfully dupe his watching audience he must divert their collective attention away from the weakness of his illusion by providing a naturally appearing, eye-catching distraction.

After the first week of carefully timed releases of the Acorn investigative videos from Veritas Visuals the White House realized that they must re-arrange the deck chairs on their Titanic quickly before their unsinkable ship tears apart.  Obama’s ties with Acorn and its subsidiaries are undeniable.  And on the heels of the Van Jones scandal, health care debacle, and free-falling approval ratings he realized that his publically funded dream of a “fundamentally” new America is quickly slipping thorough his hands.

The irony, no, the hypocrisy is that Obama has the unique opportunity to free America from its deplorable history of slavery and the other intolerable racially motivated events of our past (such as the all but forgotten Chinese Exclusion Act).  If he truly desired to put that behind the corporate conscious of America and move forward into a racially blind future he could, simply and strongly on behalf of all the victims of racism, accept the apologies previously provided by corporations, organizations and even former Presidents.  One masterfully crafted and presented speech from Obama could heal the old wounds and apply a salve to the remaining festering injuries.

Obama won’t do that though, not simply because he believes that Joe Wilsons comments were in fact racially motivated, but because it provides him with an opportunity to use what is perhaps the most explosive issue in America to both draw attention away from his close ties to the illegal and unethical business practices of Acorn and its sister organizations, and to silence all opposing points of view by simply declaring them “racist.”

Unfortunately for Obama and his administration, they are grossly underestimating the resolve of the 1.5 million American citizens who descended on DC last weekend and the billions of patriots they represent.  You can call us names, you can dismiss our ideas, you can ignore our petitions … but we will be heard!  Moreover we will have the last word when we vote out of office every politician (BOTH DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN) who does not uphold and defend the Constitution of The United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.


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