A "Postcard" from the DC March on Washington

by Chris | September 16th, 2009

I am fortunate to have been able to participate in what I consider is the second patriot movement in America.   I started my trip to Dulles airport Thursday morning.  My flight stopped in Chicago.  While waiting to reboard, I noticed a man wearing a shirt stitched with red lettering which read “Constitutional Expert.  I asked if he was going to 9-12. That is code for the movement rally in D.C on September 12.  If someone has to ask, “What?”, they aren’t going.   A young woman heard me ask him and added in laughing, “These boots are made for walking.”  Friendship and a “oneness in spirit” was immediately felt by all three of us.   We started talking about what was to come.   


I arrived in Dulles.  I looked around.  The shirts people were wearing were silkscreened with things like ”American Patriot” “Don’t Tread on Me”, “You Lle”,  “I marched on Washington”, “Tea Party Alabama”, “Don’t Mess with Texas”, etc.

The feeling was growing.  We came to make our voices heard.  I knew someone in Pennsylvania that had organized 11 buses.  I knew another person in Michigan that organized 7.  Georgia organized buses, Maryland, Florida, Texas, ConnecticutAlabama, and others.  In all, 460 buses came to DC.   I had to fly cross country.  I knew there were 20 people coming from VenturaCounty.  We were meeting for dinner as a group Friday night in Arlington, Virginia.


Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs said he didn’t know about our march or who we were.  The President made a choice to leave DC and go try to sell his vague, yet government reaching healthcare program yet again to a group of union members gathered in Minnesota…  Yes, they both were forewarned about the event when it became a plan about 8 months ago.  But, somehow the open discussion President Obama has requested works best for him if it is a controlled discussion.  The police in WashingtonDC were more informed than the President’s office about our gathering.  They were planning for a large group. 


There was a seminar held by doctors, which discussed the potential difficulties of the healthcare proposal.  They were part of the approximately 75% of doctors that don’t agree with the AMA’s position on this legislation and other items that the AMA supports. These doctors could have easily given a different insight to the Congress, and the President.  But they weren’t asked.   Speakers on Friday discussed the origins of the Constitution, and the need to follow the path the writers and signers designed.  The 56 signers gave all including their lives and fortunes.  We reviewed capitalism, alternatives to healthcare reform, and even Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged writer).  There were also “Meet and Greet events, where people could make signs and make friends.


The Tea Party Express bus came in at 8:30 Friday evening, and thousands gathered to meet it.  That is probably where the speculation was that the group would be tens of thousands in size.


Saturday Morning was “D” day.  People started gathering at FreedomPark as early as 7:30.  A mile away, they were setting up stages at the Capital steps.  They put speakers at different locations along with screens that people could view, as they would be too far to actually see the stage.  It was a good thing, as we would see later on.


Freedom Park, the starting point, was packed by 8:30.  We weren’t asked to arrive until 9.  The march was to begin at 11.  I was with 5 people, and assumed we would meet the others there, as they were going to congregate by state before the march.  I was wrong.  I was separated from two of them by the crowd, never to find them again.  One group tried calling me to see where we were, but since we were squeezed by the stage and crowd, I told them to forget it.  It was loud, full of energy, a bit scary (because of the crowd compression), but amazing .  We had great country music, a wonderful day, and some great starting speakers.  Because of the growing size of the crowd approaching FreedomPlaza, the DC police decided to state that the march must begin early.


Thus came the announcement, “The march to the Capitol is beginning.”  A chill of anticipation went through the crowd.  We waited for the woman in the wheelchair, and the mother with the stroller.  But actually, it took about 5 minutes before we could take a step.  People were crowded to capacity around the blocks, and down the streets.  It reminded me of the beginning of a marathon when you are in the back. But this was much bigger than a marathon.  We began quietly, carrying our flags, and our signs.  Some dressed as patriots, and other more creative people dressed their attitudes including parodies of the President,   People had bullhorns, and we would be amused at their declarations.  Groups in office towers looked down, dancing and being engaged with us.   Someone started singing “God bless America.”  It became a song up and down the street.  There was a few second delay, depending on where you were with this monstrous crowd.  We erupted in “U.S.A., U.S.A”.  We were all here for a job.  Our job was to make people listen to our message.  Our message would become clear. 


I took photos and video.  After all, this was probably the only time I would be involved in something this large.  Every once in a while, I choked up just from the pure emotion of the meaning of the gathering.  I wished all my family could have come.  I was wearing a shirt that identified I was a patriot from VenturaCounty.  There were many people from California.  We were all happy that we had made the effort to come.  One man came up to me and said, “Carla?”  He had been to a event, and recognized me.  He was in DC for business and felt he had to make the event.  I met people from Fresno, Modesto, Bakersfield, Santa Maria, San Diego, and cities in Northern California.  We were told every state in the Union was represented.  People told me that driving from North Dakota was something they would never forget, because so many cars and vans had signs on them such as “DC or bust.” 


This event has not really been broadcast for what it was. This is truly a grass roots movement.   It was an eclectic group, drawn together for a common cause.  There were some, previously called Democrats, some, previously called Republicans.  There were some, previously called Libertarians.  There were some, previously called immigrants, blacks, whites, Latinos and Asians.  But no more will those names be used for our group.  Because now we call ourselves Patriot Americans.

 We know that our nation was founded with Christian principles.  We want that to remain in our history, and  the freedom to state this in our current history.  We were, and are “One nation under God”.   Our cause is to take back the reverence for the Constitution.  It is to take back our power from this overreaching government.  We want our elected officials to have less interference in healthcare.  We want them to stay away from enslaving our country and jobs via the cap and trade restrictions and exorbitant taxes.  We want tax reductions.  We want the government to give back our jobs, and stop converting our private jobs to government jobs. Union members do not have more rights than business owners.  We want to drill for oil off our shores, instead of allowing Russia and China to take all our oil by drilling off the shore of Cuba.  We want less federal government in our schools, so that locally we can manage our education.  We will follow through with this movement until we have politicians that will speak for us.

We were there for over 8 hours.  We stood holding our flags and signs.  We all were tired, but had energy that came from within.  We didn’t leave early.  We barely wanted to leave after the last speaker.  The numbers of our group?  We were told by DC Capitol police that the estimate was 1.2 to 2.1 million.  We later used the photos taken of the total areas we contained to verify this by using mathematical calculations to give crowd numbers to the locations that we filled to capacity.  This was the same way of determining the group attending the Presidential inauguration.  It was announced to the crowd when the police estimated 1.2 million.  Then they revised the number to 1.5 to 2.1.   ABC reported this amount of attendees, and so did British news.  If you decide to take a very conservative estimate we were hundreds of thousands. 

The media decided to say we were tens of thousands.  It shows they have no mathematicians in their group.  When we heard this downplay of the event, and lack of coverage of the largest conservative group ever to gather in D.C., we were simply angered.  I will give you a fictitious example of writing that would influence the history of an event.   “Our group went to a park on a nice sunny day.  We had a great time, and it was warm and refreshing.  We left energized.”   Reported revisionism, “The group went to a park, however the weather was inclement.  It was raining and dark.  The group was discouraged and left.”  This revisionism must be stopped in our nation’s reporting of events. 

 I am begging our media, “Please, can we have some true reporting in this nation?  Can articles please be reported without a strong bias?”  If millions are at an event, check it out, and then report it.  Don’t simply use talking points from other in media.

 In closing,”Thank you to all, (or y’all) from a fellow Patriot American.”

 Carla Bonney

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