Identify The Lie

by Chris | September 10th, 2009

South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson let his emotions get the best of him during President Obama’s speech to push his health care ideology by shouting “you lie!”  Congressman Wilson immediately came under attack and just as quickly apologized for his outburst.

Apparently it’s okay for our President to call citizens and members of his opposing party liars, however the opposite is unacceptable and partisan.  Obama said that Sara Palin’s comments about his plan “a lie, plain and simple.”

Our nation was founded by brave men and women willing to stand up against the tyranny and lies of her political leaders.  Congressman Wilson has nothing to apologize for, he did nothing inappropriate … The other elected officials in that hall should be apologizing for not rising to their feet in support of Wilson … in defense of “we the people!”

Mr. Wilson, never apologize for allowing your love of truth to overrun your desire to be polite.  If America is to remain as a beacon of light and hope to this troubled world we must be willing to stand for truth.  It is the liar who must apologize not the one who identifies the liar!



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