Government Health Care (click here)

by Chris | July 16th, 2009

The idea of government being involved in health care is not compatible with freedom.  In fact, when a government has either outright or de-facto control of health care the individual not longer enjoys his or her Right to Life, Liberty or the Pursuit of Happiness.

Here is my estimation of the immediate and long-term problems with any form of government run or controlled health care:

  • Increased Taxes – Government does not generate revenue therefore the financial burden for any such program will fall on ALL tax payers.
  • Loss of Personal Control – Neither the doctors nor the patient will have ultimate control over medications and procedures.
  • Decline in Quality – Government control eliminates any motivation by caregivers to provide excellent service because their compensation is no longer tied to either quality but rather to mandated requirements of care.
  • Delayed Treatment – Whether you’re waiting in the doctor’s office or emergency room, or if you’re waiting for a referral to a specialist or for a diagnosis … your results will be delayed by long administrative processes.
  • Reduction in Medical Breakthroughs and Cures – Scientists will no longer be driven to find the best processes or to engage in experimental treatments and medicines to cure diseases.  Instead they will base their efforts on whatever the current government will fund via grants, contracts and other means of compensation.
  • Government Control Over Your Body – The hallmark argument for the past generation from liberals has been the right of an individual to choose when it comes to their own life and body.  This argument is used from cradle (abortion) to grave (euthanasia).  Government control of health care will rip your Rights of Life and the Pursuit of Happiness out of your hands and place those decisions in the hands of administrators, politicians, and policy makers.

Are my ideas farfetched?  You need only to consider the existing results of Governments involvement with health care issues through programs such as; Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Health Administration, and Tricare (formerly CHAMPUS).  All of these are miserable failures of our government and primarily the Department of Health and Human Services.

Why should we entrust something as important as our health to people who have already demonstrated the inability to handle such responsibility?

In health care, like almost every other issue in your life … Government is not the answer it is the problem.  Allow non-profit organizations and private companies the freedom to discover new technologies and cures, provide competitive services at fair prices, and free or low cost services to those destitute and in need will be funded from the generosity and compassion of the People not the mandates of the government.

Below is the flow chart explaining the newest Government Health Care Bill.  It is inconceivable that this will result in lower expenses and higher quality:


:: Here’s The Bill (click here) ::



23 Responses to “Government Health Care (click here)”

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  18. “USA to China… Hey Brother, can you spare 20 trillion to get me through? China to USA… All your base are belong to us.”

  19. Why are they trying to rush this health care bill through. I don’t think anyone thinks that health care does not need to be reformed. They just need to do this the right way. Get the party politics out of it and do the right thing for the people. It doesn’t have to be this way.

  20. Hopefully, this healthcare bill will fail. Giving the government more power is foolish. This kind of a program has failed miserable wherever it has been tried. This will actually make matters much worse.

  21. I think that everyone would agree that health care should be easier to obtain. The real issue is government involvement. When in the history of our country has government involvement actually made a bad situation better?

  22. William Shipley says:

    The reality is that government is already heavily involved in health care. The legal system of torts heavily affects the cost of care. There are laws such as HIPAA which add to the paperwork overhead. The billing restrictions which forbid having a doctor bill for laboratory tests means that more claims have to be processed for the same encounter.

    When it comes down to it, the laws that only allow licensed physicians to order tests or prescribe drugs is a government supported monopoly. Many things could be done more cheaply if alternative ways of providing ‘care’ were available.

    We are still practicing medicine with a 19th century model of a doctor with a black bag. It’s time to think of what the words health care mean in the 21st century.

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