Thoughtless Compassion (click here)

by Chris | June 20th, 2009

Thoughtless compassion is cruel and yes, evil.  One example of this is the carnage that is taking place as I type this in Iran.  President Obama promised “hope and change” to not only The United States, but to the world.  He has appointed himself the savior of human rights and dignity around the globe.

The problem is that the intention of his words were not to be taken literally and acted upon, but rather to make people feel better about themselves and think that he and his government supports them.  As a result people have taken action.  Thousands of people in Iran have taken to the streets initially to protest an apparent unfair election result, and has now turned into perhaps the birth of a revolution in the middle-east.

Based on President Obama’s words thousands are now attempting to fight for their freedom, but without support.  It’s like local law enforcement telling a neighborhood they will help them overcome an oppressive street gang, then ignoring the efforts of the citizens as they attempt to take the streets back and re-claim their neighborhood.

This is the realization of the truth expressed in the Hebrew proverb “the compassion of the wicked is cruel.” (Proverbs 12:10)


Update 06/23/09

The intent of my above comments is to point out the problem of "Thoughtless compassion" using President Obama’s reaction to the Iran issue as an example of it.

My observation above is accurate and remains intact, but I want to acknowledge President Obama’s press conference today.  I believe his comments today were supportive of those fighting for freedom in Iran. While Mr. Obama’s comments are neither stern nor timley (about a week late) he did clearly support the actions of those protesting and condem the suppression of the government.

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